CPSA Shanghai 2015

Connecting the Dots:
Sharing Science Across Disciplines Helps Projects Progress

Pre-Conference Workshop

Satellite Workshop

Multi-Chromatographic Separation and Identification of Glycoproteomics

Monday, April 13 - SHANGHAI

Hosted by:
Insitutue of Biomedial Sciences
Fudan University
Function Hall, 2F, Bldg Ming-Dao
138 YiXueYuan Road, Shanghai

Lunch served


Breaking the Megapixel Boundary with Multi-Dimensional Proteomic Analysis
Nathan Yates, University of Pittsburgh

Column-Array Based Multi-Dimensional Liquid Chromatographic System and It's Application to Analysis of Human Plasma Proteome
Zhang Xiang-Ming, Chemistry Department, Fudan University

Yang Peng-Yuan, Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Fudan University

What's Your Spray DNA? Combining Sensitivity with Ease of Use for High Performance Nano LC-MS
Gary Valaskovic, New Objective

Directions to Fudan University from Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel

  • Take a left turn out of the hotel and walk to the Min-Sheng Road
  • Turn right and walk along the Min-Sheng road to the subway station Line 9 (10 min, 744m)
  • Get on the train at Middle Yang-Gao Road station. After 8 stops, get off the train at Zhao-Jia-Bang Road station and take Exit 3 out (20 min)
  • Walk south to 8 Dong-An Road to arrive at Fudan Feng-Lin campus (5 min)
  • Enter the university through east gate and find the Ming-Dao building on the right hand side
Direction to Fudan