CPSA Shanghai 2017

Clinical and Pharmaceutical Success from Discovery to Regulatory Approval: Biomarkers, Modeling, and Analytical Technologies

Travel to Shanghai

Attendees traveling to CPSA Shanghai will want to arrive into the Shanghai International Airport (PVG). The Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel is a 40-minute taxi ride from the airport (~150CNY / US$25). Your taxi driver may not speak English, but you can download and print out an instruction card to give to the taxi driver indicating that you wish to go to the Renaissance Shanghai Hotel.


US citizens traveling to China will require a visa in order to enter the country. This visa is simple to obtain, and we recommend using a visa agent to submit your application such as ItsEasy Passport and Visa Services. They will help guide you through the process.

All foreign travellers will be required to submit a letter of invitation by a Chinese company with your visa application. If you would like us to provide that letter, you may request it by clicking HERE and submitting the form. Letters will be processed in early 2017.

Citizens of all other countries should consult with local visa services which can be found easily through the internet.

Applying for a Conference Visa
(10 Year Visa 60-Day maximum stay during any visit)

To apply for a visa to attend the CPSA Shanghai 2016 meeting, you should apply for a 10 Year Multiple Entry visa.

You can complete the forms and process online at itseasy.com

Start by selecting Nationality, Visa Type and State of Residency to begin the process.

For the application, please enter your contact unit in China as:

Frank Fung
Vice President
Shanghai MICE Partner Consulting Company, Ltd.
Room 1101, Building 6,
No. 787 Gulang Road, 201601, Shanghai China
Tel: +86-21-51655771
Mobile: +86-13817660578